I will be teaching at Haystack this summer, come join me!

The name of my course is Fiber Foundations and Futures

Beginning with investigations of textile structures, we will work with a range of experimental materials and digital technologies to translate the logic and form of those structures into new 2-D and 3-D work. For inspiration we will look to many pre-industrial textile technologies found in objects such as nets, armor, rafts, rope, bridges, fences, sails, shelters, filters, and kites.  We will cover techniques such as coiling, felting, weaving, netting, knitting, and crochet.  Once students learn how to create these structures by hand they will then use this embodied knowledge to interpret the process through the tools and technology in the Fab Lab including the laser cutter, CNC router, and 3-D printer.  Students will expand beyond traditional materials and processes to invent projects, tools and textiles for a new interdisciplinary and collaborative fiber future.

JUNE 11-23