Solo show at the Institute for Labor Generosity Workers and Uniforms

Directional Twills , 2017

Directional Twills, 2017

Solo Show: Overtime

Institute for Labor Generosity Workers and Uniforms

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 8, 2017 --6:00-9:00pm

Marianne Fairbanks’s work in Overtime engages the binary logic of weaving, both metaphorically and materially, to question conventional value systems and political polarities.  Thinking through math, pattern, and language, Fairbanks presents bright plastic tape illustrations, screen printed posters, and a series of hand-woven tea towels. The work explores the relationship between time and production, probes the oppositions of binary language, and expands embedded mathematical patterns.  Both poetic and playful, the work encourages a deep engagement with our material world.

322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA