Weaving Lab will be hitting the road this summer! Chicago, Demark and Norway!

Weaving Lab will be hitting the road this summer (perhaps not in a sweet trailer like this but somehow we will be moving)! First we will visit @compoundyellow in the month of June- details to come

Then, in August we will be heading to Denmark and Norway!  If you know of a site that would like to host the lab, let us know! 

Speculative Weaving is the term I have coined to encompass an approach that bridges the divide between craft-based traditions and conceptual work wherein weaving serves as the nucleus of community engagement and the catalyst for broad interdisciplinary explorations. Participants are encouraged to approach the act weaving as an end in itself, while also considering the act in relation to conceptual domains of time, rhythm, meditation, and materiality.

Second photo shows the Hour Towel project. —Each participant was asked to weave for 1 hour, creating a physical manifestation of time and labor. 

Third Photo shows the Album Towel.—Each participant was asked to select an album, play side A while weaving a right-facing twill, and then turn the record over to weaving side B and a left facing twill.  This project prompts the  weaver to consider the connection between the loom and music.

Fourth photo shows the Weaving Lab as it looked at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery in 2017.